Payroll Outsource

The HR extension of your company, without you investing in expensive HR systems

Our payroll outsourcing team deals with the government and mandatory requirements for you, and advising you on the payments to be made. We also implement and notify you of local legislation changes as they occur.

We can also assist you in the evaluation of the most suitable employment pass for your employees and advise you on the application process.
In short, we are a HR extension of your company, without you investing in expensive HR systems and save time on payroll and HR matters.

(i) Payroll Admin and Process

  1. Month End pay processing with various pay items for various employees
  2. Regular Monthly Mgmt/Department/Individual Reports, Managment reports for selected companies in
    USD and SGD
  3. Company bank payment advice report
  4. Monthly bank giro and CPF file email
  5. Pay Slip email (to individual staff)
  6. Email monthly CPF e-submission file
  7. Email monthly bank giro file and payment advice report
  8. Includes all statutory updates for various countries;
    Eg: CPF, IRAS, etc for Singapore, EPF, Sosco, Borang etc for Malaysia, MPF, IR56 etc for Hong Kong, Jamsostek, PPH21 for Indonesia
  9. Any Singapore/Malaysia government legislative payroll revisions or additions
  10. Includes all employees self service log in access and any other access rights approved by admin
  11. In addition to standard monthly regular payruns, we will also do payruns for other ad-hoc needs – eg: bonus/termination/reimbursement
  12. We or your own admin/staff can upload documents (certificate, photo, medical leave, receipts) to the system
  13. Training administration and reports for govt agencies

(ii) Payroll Module Services and Access

  1. New Employees Setup
  2. Current Employees Particulars Update
  3. Pay Items Setup
  4. Pay Setup
  5. Employee Self Service

(iii) Leave Module Services and Access

  1. Leave Policy/Types/Schemes setup
  2. Leave approval cycle
  3. eLeave application
  4. eLeave approval via email – auto system update
  5. Online Leave calendar
  6. Leave admin for government reports, claims and grants

Why outsource to us


Many local SMEs depend on 1 or 2 key employee for their payroll administration. If they are taken ill, on leave, or resign suddenly, many businesses often have to struggle to get a new employee and handover within a very short time. Records, files, or even passwords may be misplaced or reset. And let’s not even talk about the sacred cow of payroll; salary credit date must NEVER be compromised!


When you outsource to us, you will have access to a team of professionals who are well-versed in the industry best practises and to avoid pitfalls like delay payments and wrong calculations.

IT Efficiency

We have incorporated our expertise into our HR systems for all your payroll processes, management reports to be streamlined into our total HR solutions, ensuring efficiency and confidentiality.