Our HR Portal

Powerful, Flexible, Intuitive.


With an array of many effective yet practical features built-in


Configure any user access rights by roles,
functions, departments or even individuals


Optimally designed interface that balance the needs for intuitive use and speed performance

Our modules can be subscribed to individually or in any modular permutations yet integrated all the time.

iSuperPay eliminates tedious and time-consuming paperwork required for payroll management. It includes powerful features designed to streamline your administration and employees are empowered to update their personal data online, thus enhancing efficiency.

Centralised System

This provides organisation-wide access to self-service functions for employees and managers to streamline their workflow.

Empowerment of employees

Accuracy is improved in personnel information as employees are empowered to take charge of and handle their own HR information.

HR-to-Staff ratio

Our systems require lower HR-to-staff ratio and lower personnel overhead. In return, your company will be more profitable. This also saves time for your HR staff and employees, hence freed HR staff can be reassigned to other critical tasks.

Electronic Payslips

Payslips can be distributed electronically to all employees. This can be done by sending the payslips to employees via email.

Web-based Flexibility & Efficient Administration

You have the flexible access advantage that provides instant access to your data 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, anytime, anywhere around the world. In addition, comprehensive personal information is readily available.

Innovative Allowance Plans

In today’s rapidly changing, competitive workplace, you need to motivate your employees with attractive allowances and benefits plans. Our system allows you to configure your employees’ allowances and deductions plan. It manages every aspect of your customised allowances for your entire enterprise.

Trusted Accuracy and Reliable

Pay Run enables you to compute pro-rated salaries for employees who join or resign during the month. Different wage rates and overtime claims can be computed automatically by daily, hourly and monthly rated.

iSuperLeave is a 3-tier web-enabled application which helps organisation to increase productivity by allowing employees to apply leave online. Leave applications are processed and the approval officers are notified via email. It reduces tedious and time-consuming data-entry, as the system will automatically update the employees’ leave balances.

Features includes:

  • Direct integration and interface to iSuperPay
  • Export Leave Transactions to spreadsheets
  • Real time web-based application allows you to have the flexible access advantage that provides instant access to your 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, anytime, anyplace, anywhere around the world
  • Leave application & approvals are done online without any paperwork
  • Online notification (via email) for both Applicant and Approving Officer
  • Electronic leave balance updates and preview. Applicant and Approving Officer can see complete leave records and approval history respectively
  • Allows employees to track their leave application
  • Leave records are updated automatically once applications are approved.

iTimeClock enables automatic calculations of allowances and deductions such as OT, No Pay Leave, Lateness, Attendance Incentives etc. It usually works with an Attendance Device that will output the Time in/out, Date in/out values into the system to generate pay item values based on any pre-set rates and factors.

  • Direct integration and interface to iSuperPay and iSuperLeave
  • Built-in Duty Roster management
  • Auto calculation of OT/allowances
  • Auto tabulation of Medical/Unpaid leave, Late/Left Early Clock-ins and to administer attendance allowances

iClaims is a module that allows any claims or reimbursements to be processed with pay run. It can be set up for multi company and employees use, where depending on the approval cycle setups, end users can submit claims and attached documents which would auto send email alerts to approving officers for approval. This module also supports multi currencies with self administered currency exchange rates.

  • Direct integration and interface to iSuperPay, iSuperLeave and iTimeClock
  • Upload receipts and documents for claims
  • Approval cycle configurations

iAppraisal allows various and unlimited categories of competencies to create online appraisal forms for various needs, such as Confirmation, Mid-Year, Bonus, Promotion templates. It also allows for self appraisal, peer/360 appraisal and management appraisal.

iSuperHR Human Resource application is the perfect tool for managers and employees who need to update their records and respond quickly to management requirements, with professional computer generated reports, with direct integration with all our modules.